Second best LG G1 Gallery Series OLED TV

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Looking for a flat screen TV that’s a little more stylish? The LG G1 OLED is a breathtaking TV that takes the stylish design of last year’s Gallery OLED series and makes it somehow better.

The real hero here is LG’s new OLED evo technology, which updates the panel structure to achieve even more brightness without increasing blooming effects or, we’re told, the risk of burning. The LG G1 looks like a real breakthrough for the OLED TV maker, and certainly offers an improvement over the cheaper LG C1 OLED – unlike last year, when the CX and GX models were far apart in price, but effectively offered the same picture performance.

It’s an expensive device, and the Dolby Atmos sound system isn’t the best for bass – which will affect all the other LG OLEDs in this guide. But its breathtakingly slim design makes it a true centerpiece TV, with OLED’s contrast and color benefits pushed to new heights, enhanced by light. The new a9 Gen 4 AI processor is even more capable of upscaling and intelligently processing objects on the screen, with motion processing being particularly improved.

Be warned, though: the G1 is really designed to be wall-mounted, and it doesn’t come with a stand or TV mount. You can, however, buy a Gallery Stand on the floor or find a third-party solution to place it on a countertop.


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