Best smart TV for the money TCL 6 Series

Best smart TV for the moneyTCL 6 Series

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There are several Smart TV options if you are on a budget, however many of these options will have their limitations. While you can get 4K Ultra HD without breaking the bank, but if you’re looking for a QLED TV with picture and colour that compares to the top of the line televisions, with specialized game modes, surround sound and HDR, the TCL 6 Series is the TV that certainly offers the most for the money.

The TCL 6 Series offers all the industry standards for the top of line Smart TVs. Utilizing Quantum-dot LED (QLED) technology and Dolby Vision HDR, the 6 Series bolsters colour, contrast and picture quality comparable to TV’s that are retailed at twice as much. With Dolby Atmos, the 6 Series had impressive audio to boot. Gamers will rejoice at the TV’s great response time, VRR support and THX Certified Game Mode, meaning smooth gaming experiences throughout your session. TCL’s Roku operating system is as easy to use as ever and offers a wide amount of available streaming content.

Of course, a TV at this great of a price will have a few downsides compared to its more expensive counterparts. Users have noticed uniformity issues and blooming or other issues as a result of its less-than-stellar local dimming features. Additionally, the Series 6 has narrower viewing angles than other QLED counterparts. Despite these shortcomings, the Series 6 still boasts impressive picture quality and versatility for a price that will make you reconsider your TV budget.


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