Best smart TV for sports Sony A8H

Best smart TV for sportsSony A8H

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While many Smart TVs are well-suited for avid sports watchers, we believe the Sony A8H is one of the best for several reasons. With instantaneous response time and black frame insertion features, the A8H has smooth motion clarity and no motion blur, so you can have all the action as if you were courtside. The A8H has solid SDR peak brightness, you can watch the game with clarity and contrast, regardless if it is an afternoon football game on a bright August day or a late-night hockey game in January. Finally, this TV has excellent viewing angles, so nobody gets the short end of the stick during your next sports viewing party (whenever that will be).

Sony’s Android TV platform is intuitive and smooth, and its access to the Google Play store means this Smart TV is well supported. Watching movies is a treat, as like all OLED TVs, the A8H has an infinite contrast ratio and perfect black levels. While this TV would be fine for a gamer, it is important to note this TV has no VRR support, so we advise other TVs for that specific purpose in mind.

Like other OLED TV’s, the risk of permanent burn-in is an important one to note. However, if you take care of your Sony A8H, you should have a beautiful looking TV to watch games well into your favourite team’s cup window.


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