Best gaming smart TV Samsung Q80T QLED

Best gaming smart TVSamsung Q80T QLED

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Like the Samsung 8K model available on this list, the Samsung Q80T QLED provides one of the best gaming experience one can have on a Smart TV. Exceptional with modern consoles and gaming PCs alike, this QLED 4K TV offers amazing picture quality, wide contrast ratio, and low input lag.

The Samsung Q80T QLED technology complete with a VA panel has a wide range of colours, including deep blacks with help of its full-array local dimming. While some QLED TVs may have limited viewing angles, Samsung’s “Ultra Viewing Angle” layer allows for a wider range of viewing angles with no loss of image accuracy, perfect for co-op, split screen play.

The Samsung Q80T is equipped with Variable Refresh Rate support and HDMI 2.1 compatibility, synergizing perfectly with your new Xbox series X or PlayStation 5. The Samsung Q80T even impresses when used as a monitor for your Gaming PC rig. Ultimately, either Samsung TV on this list provides optimized gaming regardless of console, but the 4k Q80T is a pretty penny cheaper than the 8K equivalent, so it gets our vote for best Gaming Smart TV.


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