Best affordable smart TV Hisense H78G series

Best affordable smart TVHisense H78G series

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While many Smart TVs today usually come with all the bells and whistles that bring the price floor up, if you are in search of a new 4K Smart TV on a budget, the Hisense 55H78G is our recommendation to you. Equipped with Dolby Vision and HDR10, the Hisense is no slouch for picture quality, providing Ultra 4K HD resolution at a price many will be able to afford.

The Android TV OS is easily navigable and has a wide range of apps available in the play store, but the hardware powering the OS is underpowered which results in the occasional lag or freeze. The Android OS is also compatible with several home systems, including Google Assistant and Alexa, if you are looking for a home setup with either device, however, due to the issues with processing power, the results are slower than using either device with your phone or other Smart TVs.

Ultimately, if you are looking for excellent picture quality while not looking to spend too much, the Hisense H78G might be the ideal option for you.


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