Best 8K TV Samsung Q800T QLED

Best 8K TV Samsung Q800T QLED

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For those unaware, 4K and 8K refer to the resolution of a screen – approximately 4000 and 8000 pixels, respectively. If you were just getting comfortable seeing 4K on every TV: do not worry, you have not missed the boat on the latest trend. While 4K TVs have been around slightly longer, only recently have companies like Netflix invested in producing content available in 4K, while 8K remains relatively unsupported. But if you are the type of person who loves being in on the latest trend, and money is not an issue, then investing in an 8K TV might be a good idea looking to the future.

The Samsung Q800T is about as impressive as 8k Smart TVs currently go while being both being relatively affordable and available. Offering Samsung’s renowned picture quality, the Q800T has added Samsung’s “Ultra Viewing Angle” layer, expanding the viewing angle beyond what other QLED televisions are capable of.

With incredibly low input lag and FreeSync VRR support, the Q800T is an incredible choice for gaming. The good news: both the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 are capable of outputting an 8k signal. The bad: 8K content for either console is years away from being commonplace and is non-existent right now.


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